After due consideration of becoming an independent Communications Consultant, I put this plan into action in March 2009.

More than 20 years of experience in the fields of automation, automotive and broadcast.

Dr. Thomas Oelschlägel
Dr. Thomas Oelschlägel

Prior to this I had been Press Officer for twelve years for the global Hirschmann Group, with Head Office in Neckartenzlingen near Stuttgart. During this time the company, which was active in the fields of automation, automotive and broadcast, was owned by Rheinmetall AG. Subsequently a finance investor took over the Hirschmann Group and ultimately sold the various companies to several investors.



Based on the partnership with the Dutch , which has subsidiaries in Europe, China and Singapore, as well as being part of an international network of agencies, Merites Public Relations can offer its clients competent local support in over 35 countries.

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